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You see, your shopping habits are worth a lot of money.  Big stores (especially) do not share POS (Point Of Sale) information.  This information helps Manufacturers and Distributors to know what to make, and provide based on direct trends in the area.  So – they literally set up with a company to get Consumers to Willingly and Rewardingly submit their POS (Point of Sale) information and are paying a lot of money for it.

You simply report your spending, and then once a month scan in your exact itemized receipts.  And you downloadget up to 20% of what you spent back each month.  Do you like saving money when you are shopping?  This is not just saving you money, it is paying you CASH BACK on your purchases, each and every week!*

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This is 100% Real.  You will be paid directly to your Checking Account through Automatic Deposit once you have completed the reporting process.

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This is where you can literally get paid part time or full time incomes to shop.  The data world is very needy of this vital Point of Sale (POS) data.  You, and your friends and family’s purchases, habits, trends are worth a lot of money.

This information is something they want, and they are willing and are already paying a lot to get it.  Don’t you think you deserve to get paid for this?

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How would you like to:

  1. Have the ability to influence what products you could see more of in your area?
  2. Have the ability to influence what products you could see even better and more competitive pricing on?
  3. Have the ability to share and get the influence of others as to the pricing, quality and availability of the products, services and needs within your living area?
  4. Get Paid for Doing So?
  5. Have the Ability to Make a great part time or full time income from sharing the message?

This is what you have available to you as a Member.

How You Get Paid?

  1. You’ll be paid directly to your Checking Account through ACH Deposits.  You request your payment, they send it.  SIMPLE, EASY, and PAPERLESS.
  2. You can earn incomes Daily.  With Quick and Easy payouts directly to you.
  3. Once you Activate your Membership for the unheard of up to 20% Cashback, you will be setting up your CashBack System in an easy to use admin area.  Everything is automated and virtually paperless (other than your receipts).

Are others really get paid?

  1.  YES.  There are thousands of members already, getting paid Cash Back each and every month from purchases they were and are already making.
  2. YES.  The Referral Program is gaining ground.  We all like a good deal, but getting Money (CASH) back, and being able to get Paid from Referring others to this Cash Back Program is creating part time, full time and retirement incomes for many.  Why not you?

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